Online Privacy and 6 Questions Marketers Should Consider

online privacy cartoonI am flying back from visiting a client and just finished a TED talk entitled Think your email’s private? Think again. by ProtonMail cofounder Andy Yen. As he began to talk about about the importance of digital privacy, I scoffed and dismissed his concerns. However, as I continued to listen, I realized that my job as a marketer is to affect perceptions, but also cater to them. Read more…

What Foie Gras Is and What It Should Be

I just saw a video about foie gras that truly inspired me. It wasn’t just an interesting piece that made sense to consider down the road, but a vision, a framework for how I want to be one day. A tale of oft villainized foie gras becomes a vision for the system of nature and sustenance that I want to foster. This story of foie gras in and of itself is amazing, but if it is possible with ducks and geese on a pasture in Spain then I bet you it is possible with all sorts of plants and animals all over the world. Check it out and enjoy.

Pork Confit Chilaquiles (appetizer) at One North – Chicago

Pork Confit Chilaquiles (apetizer) at One North - ChicagoYesterday, I met a mentee over lunch to talk college, career direction and the like. She settled on One North, so I headed over around noon with no intention of actually eating anything other than a salad that was waiting for me in the office fridge. As we were seated, it became apparent that she wasn’t planning to eat either, so out of pitty for our waitress, I glanced down at the menu and Pork Confit Chilaquiles grabbed me by the stomach.

When the chilaquiles arrived Read more…

Three Dots, One Dash and One Awesome Night

Three Dots, One Dash and One Awesome NightLast weekend, my wife, a good friend and I wandered into a dark, damp alley. We descended a skull-filled stairwell into one of the raddest drinking experiences around, bro. Who knew that the Mayans had a gnarly satellite dungeon in Chicago?! Read more…

Great Quote in “Proof Of Your Love” by King & Country

Great quote in "proof of your love" by king & country.I was listening to K-LOVE the other day and toward the end of Proof Of Your Love by King & Country, there is a quote. I looked it up to share here and actually found out that it is from a bible version called The Message. Here’s the passage: Read more…

Where Affiliate Fits In The Digital Advertising Mix

About six months ago, I took a job in account management at CJ, the affiliate division of digital advertising giant, ValueClick. Since then, I’ve found myself explaining the affiliate space over and over again to people who, every day, surf the interwebs mostly oblivious to the ad-backed digital ecosystem that makes it all possible.

At its core, digital advertising is about businesses paying to have their company name, message and products spread across the internet. This is typically executed in the form of text and banner ads such as the AT&T banner across the top of the screenshot below.

techcrunch publisher with at&t display ad

In this case, AT&T purchased a banner ad on (the website shown here). At&T (the advertiser) is paying (the publisher) to show this ad on their website. This, my friends, is digital advertising.

Three Types of Digital Advertising

There are three types of digital advertising that you can easily relate to: search, display and affiliate. Read more…

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