A Look Back At 4 Crazy Months…

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A Look Back At 4 Crazy Months...

In late September I accepted a job as the Manager of Social Media and Online Content for a medium sized software company (whose name I’ll leave out of this). It was a newly created position, so the job was a clear next step for my career and a great opportunity for them to add someone who would focus exclusively on social media. The company would no doubt benefit from my three years in the startup space and best of all, I would learn volumes from my highly experienced manager. I was sure that the commute – three hours roundtrip – would be totally worth it and we would live happily ever after.

Today, I find myself in the heat of a job search, but how did I get here after accepting an almost ideal position less than four months ago?

It all started in November when I began to feel like it was New Years Eve and I was the star of a Twilight Zone marathon. Without getting into details, my managers had recently started asking things of me that I had no experience with and didn’t fully understand. Furthermore, they seemed somewhat unavailable for explanation as they had full plates of their own. It became painfully obvious that my new employer’s expectations did not meet my qualifications. I had been completely honest in the interview process, but there was clearly a disconnect that both of us failed to recognize.

Determined to connect the dots, I ate a can of spinach and threw entrepreneur mode into full throttle. I worked longer and harder, tracking my time with Toggl (a great app by the way) to make sure that every minute was maximized. I used my commute for creative brainstorming and research so that the entire day could be spent working on projects and deliverables. I began showing up at the office from 8 – 6 instead of the common 9 – 5. I even started exercising as a way to keep stress down and stamina up. In short, I resolved to give it everything I had, but it wasn’t enough.

Last Tuesday my employer called me in and admitted that what he really needed was someone with three to four more years of social media experience. In his defense, it is incredibly hard to find the right person for a newly created position. He said that it wasn’t for lack of effort, recognizing that I had done everything I could to make it work, but that during the interviews, my attitude and personality had overshadowed potential shortfalls in my portfolio. Oddly, just three days earlier I had uttered nearly the same idea to a small group of my closest friends.

So Where Are We Now? In a great place, that’s where! A huge weight has been lifted. We parted ways on good terms and my now ex-boss made it crystal clear that he wanted future prospective employers to call him for a reference. Most importantly, we lived the mantra – “fail fast” – by realizing our error early and learning an incredibly valuable lesson in the process.

I can’t end this post without giving a shout to my coworkers of 3.5 months. They were a great group to work with and I wish them all the best.

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