A Showdown of The Heavyweight…Hand Dryers?!

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A showdown of the heavyweight...hand dryers?!


Remember the “old days” of slow, rickety, rub your hands together and hope for the best hand dryers? I was in high school when rumblings began about a fabled dryer that you could put your hands in, pull them out and they were dry as your grade school principal. All of a sudden my Jetsons fantasies were coming true! Back then, in the flintstone ages of hand dry technology, we had slow hand dryers, the mysterious endless towels and your typical brown disposable napkin. In today’s sustainable world, these archaic relics are replaced by wall mounted, high velocity jet engines – get your earplugs. So today at Starbucks I encounter a now everyday Xlerator and that’s when it hit me. Sure the Xlerator is a little rebelous, sure it sprays water all over the floor, but I’ll take it any day over the dank, moldy recesses of the Airblade.

What do you think?

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