Intro: Applying The 4 P’s of Marketing to Your Job Search

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Applying The 4 P's of Marketing to Your Job SearchThe 4 Ps of marketing – product, place, promotion & price – make up the marketing mix. These are the major areas that should be addressed and improved upon throughout the life of every product (or brand). In this series, I intend to prove that these same 4 P’s of marketing should be developed and utilized as a tool in every job search.

The 4 P’s of Marketing

Product - An item that satisfies consumer needs or wants (you).

Place - The locations where the target market can access the product (websites, recruiters, etc.)

Promotion - Methods of communicating product information to the target market (applications, emails, phone calls, etc.)

Price - The amount a customer pays for the product (salary & benefits requirements)

Recently, industry experts have proposed changing the 4 P’s to seven or eight. They have even suggested that we change P’s to C’s, E’s, F’s, Z’s and just about any other letter you can think of. These measures are to ensure that we are viewing our efforts through the lens of our target market, but for our purposes, the standard 4 P’s will work just fine.

Like every marketing student, I was exposed to the four Ps in business school. Fast forward five years to my current job search and it become shockingly obvious just how quickly the application rat race can make us forget. It is just too easy to fall back into the trap of frantically submitting application after application while you suffer between calls like a junkie craving another hit. Then you finally find a job via this ultra superficial process and spend the next 2+ years plotting your escape in a sea of loathing and dispair.

Sometimes we need to step back from this destructive process and look at the big picture. We need to create a strategy and approach the target with more purpose. The four Ps of marketing are a perfect tool for this and not just for marketers! Whether you are a marketing professional or not, the four Ps can be a great tool to strategically create and execute your personal marketing plan AKA job search.

Applying The Marketer’s 4 P’s To Your Job Search will be written as a series. As they are posted, I will add the links below:

  • Product
  • Place – coming soon
  • Promotion – coming soon
  • Price – coming soon

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Until then, good luck with your jobs search!

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  1. Great write.

    Now what about the other 3 Ps?

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