Baptism: An Outward Sign Of An Inward Faith

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Last weekend, I had the incredible pleasure of being baptized alongside the love of my life. Here is the video that our church did of the event – can you spot Jasmine and I in there?



Friends, family and others reading this will be confused because I grew up christian, so here is the testimony that I wrote in preparation for this humble and public declaration of faith:

I grew up a Christian, attending church, youth group, retreats and mission trips. My parents raised me to be an honest man, a man with compassion, a good person. Throughout my youth I was pretty good. I avoided many of the situations that my friends were putting themselves in and was fairly responsible (most of the time). To top it off, I believed in God as well as his son’s sacrifice and prayed regularly. During this time, however, I took an “ignorance is bliss” approach to my faith. I didn’t read the bible outside of church and class. I was taking advantage of God’s grace in my life, and while I believed that Jesus died for my sins, I did not understand the promise well enough to truly believe that I was spared from death.

In college, I still believed and prayed, but I almost never made it to church on Sunday mornings. I partied on the weekends and indulged in various practices that would not have been pleasing to God. Again, ignorance was bliss.

Since college, my faith and Christian journey have been on a steady incline. I read the bible daily and attempt to fully understand what it says about its own authority, our salvation and how we should live as believers. I push myself to learn what God wants for me and to become more Christ-like every day. God has used this growth process to align my spiritual path with that of my wife. He uses us to bring out the good in each other that we never could have sought alone.

Through study, I have grown and learned a lot. One of my findings is that we are called to believe then repent and then be baptized (Acts 2:38). This act does not save us, but instead is an outward sign of our inward faith.

My wife and I were baptized as children, but have come to the conclusion that God intends us to make the choice to take part in this public act after believing. I don’t know when I started believing, but it was surely after my last baptism. A typically prideful (and socially anxious) person, I have often been afraid when I think about what God calls or may call us to do. Now, I am excited for the opportunity to act in humble obedience to him through baptism and as a huge bonus, he has placed my wife by my side that we might share this special day together.

For those of you who wanted an explanation, I hope that sheds some light on the decision. As always, I am totally open to discuss it further. Just let me know.


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