Beautiful People: A Little Job Search Help Goes A Long Way

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Beautiful People: A Little Job Search Help Goes A Long WayBeautiful People is driven by brave warriors humble enough to tell their stories. It gives hope to the hopeless and heals our blindness, exposing misconceptions about the down and out – beautiful people living on the fringe.

I met “L.” a couple of months ago…he was such a beautiful young man who showed up every night at the meal site to voluntarily serve the poor. He was 21 years old, shy and quiet but his very aura just oozed sweetness. After a while I asked him if he worked another job? He said he couldn’t find a job and wanted one, but whenever we talked he always looked away…too shy to look into my eyes. I asked him if he’d like me to work with him to find a job. He enthusiastically agreed. We worked on shaking hands, making eye contact and what he would say to a prospective employer as well as delivery of the words. I took him out one afternoon and we applied for several jobs. Shortly after this he was called and interviewed and is working today. He is going to school in the fall to be a police officer and just bought his first car! Oh…the rewards of being God’s hands here on this earth!

This story was brought to you by Anne Kent

Anne Kent HeadshotAnne is an accomplished entrepreneur and follower of Jesus. She recently stepped away from her commercial ventures to begin ministering full-time to those in need. Anne has a passion for people and will never shy away from someone who needs her help. She resides in in the Milwaukee area with her loving husband who spends winters dreaming of his native Miami, Florida.


Photo by JD Hancock

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