Beautiful People: For Better or Worse, Till Death Do Us Part

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Beautiful People: For Better or Worse, Till Death Do Us PartBeautiful People is driven by brave warriors humble enough to tell their stories. It gives hope to the hopeless and heals our blindness, exposing misconceptions about the down and out – beautiful people living on the fringe.

I recently had the privilege of meeting Rene and Larry.  Rene is an epileptic and just a week ago she was having seizures so bad that her doctor put her into a coma.  I met them the other night, just one week after the induced coma. They had just walked 8 blocks to the meal site because they had no food. As Rene tried to eat her hand would shake so much that she couldn’t get the food in her mouth.  She was trying to open a chocolate creamsicle and was having problems.  I was privileged to open it for her, wrap it in a napkin, pray for her and give them a ride home.  Larry, her husband, is so very attentive to her every move.  When I commented how nice he was to her, he pointed to his wedding ring and said “I will love her and take care of her until my last dying breath”.

This story was brought to you by Anne Kent

Anne Kent HeadshotAnne is an accomplished entrepreneur and follower of Jesus. She recently stepped away from her commercial ventures to begin ministering full-time to those in need. Anne has a passion for people and will never shy away from someone who needs her help. She resides in in the Milwaukee area with her husband who spends winters dreaming of his native Miami, Florida.


Photo by Clara S.

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