Beautiful People: To Sleep A Night In His Bed

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Beautiful People: To Sleep A Night In His BedBeautiful People is driven by brave warriors humble enough to tell their stories. It gives hope to the hopeless and heals our blindness, exposing misconceptions about the down and out – beautiful people living on the fringe.

Monday, I went for a walk with my wheel chair bound friend from the meal site. As we walked, the place where a man sleeps under a porch on top of rocks. I saw his dirty wet sleeping bag. We walked one more block down into my friend’s back yard and there, on a dirty mattress exposed to all the elements, I saw another friend sleeping with the filthy rags he uses to cover himself. When he awoke and saw me he was mortified. All I could think to tell him was that dinner had already begun at the meal site as I grasped for something to cut the tension. I will never forget that moment.

This story was brought to you by Anne Kent

Anne Kent HeadshotAnne is an accomplished entrepreneur and follower of Jesus. She recently stepped away from her commercial ventures to begin ministering full-time to those in need. Anne has a passion for people and will never shy away from someone who needs her help. She resides in in the Milwaukee area with her loving husband who spends winters dreaming of his native Miami, Florida.


photo by John Virgolino

The bed pictured above is not the one mentioned in this story, but you get the picture.

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