Beautiful People: War On The Inside

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Beautiful People: War On The InsideBeautiful People is driven by brave warriors humble enough to tell their stories. It gives hope to the hopeless and heals our blindness, exposing misconceptions about the down and out – beautiful people living on the fringe.

Angel is my friend, he is a warm, kind hearted sensitive soul. Angel always speaks in a soft voice, almost a whisper, and he is a bit of loner…not trusting people. Angel was removed from his abusive home at 7 years old. He hasn’t shared with me what actually happened except to say it was very abusive. Angel was diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar, causing him to spend his adolescence in foster homes and treatment centers. His wife and 5 kids left after 11 years when she met someone with money on the internet. I think his heart was broken and after that he has been just going down hill. His grandma, the only living relative that cared about him, just died and he was tossed from her house…. I know Angel is no stranger to the streets. Now he lives unmedicated in a dirty abandoned garage.

He has fallen through the cracks and has no source of income. He can’t afford the drugs to stop terrifying visions that haunt the midnight hours in his freezing, decrepit garage. He is alone in this. Last week after a snow storm…his only pair of shoes were wet. Can you imagine going home with wet feet to a freezing garage to sleep? We took him to Payless and got him a pair of boots…he was very grateful. Helping him to put on the dry clean socks and boots gave me an opportunity to emulate Christ for this man’s benefit…what an amazing experience. Now we are going to work with social security to get medicare for his prescriptions and also find a place for him to live.

This story was brought to you by Anne Kent

Anne Kent HeadshotAnne is an accomplished entrepreneur and follower of Jesus. She recently stepped away from her commercial ventures to begin ministering full-time to those in need. Anne has a passion for people and will never shy away from someone who needs her help. She resides in in the Milwaukee area with her loving husband who spends winters dreaming of his native Miami, Florida.


Photo by Joe Thorn

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