Bodyform’s Hilarious Video Response to Fan’s Facebook Rant

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I’m a huge fan of companies that go the extra mile to be social on social media.  The scenario below is especially exciting to me because Bodyform invested resources to create a humorous video response to a humorous sarcastic rant by a fan. The fan wasn’t mad or anything, just being funny and Bodyform invested time and money into a response to keep that dialogue alive. This response reads similar to how you or I might create a meme in response to a friend’s comment on Facebook or otherwise invest our resources in a response that won’t benefit us directly. Bodyform (and their CEO) went the extra mile to delight their fans, even if it wasn’t designed to drive measurable business impact. Check it out…

Here’s the comment:

Bodyform's Hillarious Video Response to Fan's Facebook Rant

Here’s Bodyform’s response:

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