Online Privacy and 6 Questions Marketers Should Consider

online privacy cartoonI am flying back from visiting a client and just finished a TED talk entitled Think your email’s private? Think again. by ProtonMail cofounder Andy Yen. As he began to talk about about the importance of digital privacy, I scoffed and dismissed his concerns. However, as I continued to listen, I realized that my job as a marketer is to affect perceptions, but also cater to them. Read more…

Where Affiliate Fits In The Digital Advertising Mix

About six months ago, I took a job in account management at CJ, the affiliate division of digital advertising giant, ValueClick. Since then, I’ve found myself explaining the affiliate space over and over again to people who, every day, surf the interwebs mostly oblivious to the ad-backed digital ecosystem that makes it all possible.

At its core, digital advertising is about businesses paying to have their company name, message and products spread across the internet. This is typically executed in the form of text and banner ads such as the AT&T banner across the top of the screenshot below.

techcrunch publisher with at&t display ad

In this case, AT&T purchased a banner ad on (the website shown here). At&T (the advertiser) is paying (the publisher) to show this ad on their website. This, my friends, is digital advertising.

Three Types of Digital Advertising

There are three types of digital advertising that you can easily relate to: search, display and affiliate. Read more…

3 Sales Techniques For Everyday Influence

3 Sales Techniques For Everyday InfluenceRecently, I was reading The Cheat Code to Life in Wired Magazine’s July 2013 issue and came across three sales techniques that they pose as viable solutions to everyday influence. I thought they were worth posting because their value extends far beyond manipulating people for personal gain. I believe that we can all learn something about human interaction and persuasion by exposure to techniques like this. In addition, it is important to understand these triggers to protect ourselves from manipulation through them. Read more…

Why HubSpot Does Inbound Marketing Better Than You

Why HubSpot Does Inbound Marketing Better Than YouOver the past year, I have signed up for countless ebooks and webinars that made grand promises to teach me something of value. The vast majority of them yielded nothing but disappointingly shallow tips and “partial knowledge” that was firmly rooted in the company’s sales pitch.

The growing ebook and webinar ocean stinks of floundering resources that make big promises, but fail to deliver real value (unless you purchase their product of course). Marketers continue to blow the cobwebs off of this dated approach, but expectations are changing, at least for me they are. That’s why I am such a huge fan of HubSpot’s inbound marketing model. Read more…

Nonprofit Spotlight: Blackstone Bicycle Works (Chicago, IL)

Check out what the good people of Blackstone Bicycle Works are doing over on Chicago’s south side! Amazing.

What Does Your LinkedIn Network Look Like?

What Does Your LinkedIn Network Look Like?Do you know who’s in your LinkedIn network? Do you know what it looks like? Most importantly, do you know how your LinkedIn network aligns with your strategic career goals?

We all have professional goals and LinkedIn is more than capable of helping us solve them, but many people just can’t connect the dots on this powerful tool. I thought I was in the big leagues until LinkedIn’s InMaps tool took me back to school. With one click, I was able to see a visual representation of my LinkedIn network.

As you can see in the image above, my connections are all related my hometown, school or past jobs, but none of those hot points reflect the most important group for my career, digital marketers from Chicago. This is disturbing to me. Sure, my profile is optimized well for search and it even looks pretty good, but LinkedIn is a social network for professionals to connect and so far, I am connected with friends, not digital marketing professionals who I can help, learn from and grow with. My goal in the coming months is to change this. The details need to be ironed out, but the lesson has been learned my friend, lesson learned.

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