Bodyform’s Hilarious Video Response to Fan’s Facebook Rant

I’m a huge fan of companies that go the extra mile to be social on social media.  The scenario below is especially exciting to me because Bodyform invested resources to create a humorous video response to a humorous sarcastic rant by a fan. The fan wasn’t mad or anything, just being funny and Bodyform invested time and money into a response to keep that dialogue alive. This response reads similar to how you or I might create a meme in response to a friend’s comment on Facebook or otherwise invest our resources in a response that won’t benefit us directly. Bodyform (and their CEO) went the extra mile to delight their fans, even if it wasn’t designed to drive measurable business impact. Check it out… Read more…

Tosh.0 + Clever Song + Bacon = Flop? – Baconalia 2013

Tosh.0 + Clever Song + Bacon = Flop? - Baconailia 2013What happens when a big brand takes three insanely popular ingredients and creates a really well done video with the hopes that it will go viral? IT DOESN’T! Denny’s proved to us that viral is a sneaky, mysterious beast when they released their Bacon Makes It Better videos to promote 2013 Baconailia. Read more…

Digital Stats Of The Week

Digital Stats Of The WeekHere are a few interesting digital/social media statistics that I have come across in the past week – accompanied by a few comments of course. Enjoy!

  • Social media lead conversion rates are 13% higher than the average lead conversion rate.  (HubSpot)
  • 67% of marketers are looking to access digital analytics on mobiles or tablets in 2013.  (
  • Pinterest social e-commerce traffic grows 317%, eating into Facebook’s share (down 25%).  (
  • Heard the buzz about mommy bloggers? 91% of US moms use social media on a regular basis!  (eMarketer)
  • The average value of a Facebook fan in consumer categories is $174.17.  (Syncapse)
  • Anger management anyone? 4% of users hit their screens when confronted with online ad spam.  (eMarketer)
  • Still too low! Since June 2012, brand response rate to questions on Facebook has increased from 30% to 60%.  (Socialbakers)
  • Unlike Twitter and Facebook, 70% of brand engagement on Pinterest is user-generated.  (PitchEngine)
  • Google’s self-driving car soaks in 750MB of data every second. It even sees cigarette butts!  (Mashable)
  • Anyone replacing mobile with social? US text messaging volume declined 5% last year.  (


Photo by Noah Sussman


[3 STEPS] How To Find A President or Manager’s Email Address

[3 STEPS] How To Find A President or Manager's Email AddressDuring my recent job search, I found that I needed to send individual emails to hiring managers with introductions, followups or question. Of course I started the old fashioned way – checking company websites and picking up the phone. This can be a troublesome practice because presidents and hiring managers don’t want tons of email and as a result, their staff is often reluctant to divulge this information. As a result, I re-imagined this process and developed an easier way to find the email address for a company president or manager. Read more…

Everything You’ve Heard About Success Is Worthless

Everything You've Heard About Success Is WorthlessLike you, I read a lot. Over the years I’ve consumed tons of information about successful people and what it takes to be successful. Some of the biggest names in business have taught us to “Fail fast and fail often”, “make a plan”, “work tirelessly”, “do more than the competition”, “imitate success” and more. Collectively, they’ve spent billions of dollars learning these lessons and have generated trillions as a result of following them, but it’s all worthless.

Read more…

[STORIFY] Recap of Irrational Entrepreneurship with Sam Yagan @1871

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