Beautiful People: Rethinking A Soup Kitchen Meal

Beautiful People is driven by brave warriors humble enough to tell their stories. It gives hope to the hopeless and heals our blindness, exposing misconceptions about the down and out – beautiful people living on the fringe.

Check out this amazing story about Jeff Ansorge, head chef at the Salvation Army soup kitchen. About a year ago, Ansorge left his six-figure job as executive chef at the Michelin recommended Capital Grille in Minneapolis to  peruse a life of service to the poor. Jeff is using his God given talents to provide world class meals to those who have nothing. It is incredibly beautiful.

Check out the full story: Top Chef Quits Posh Restaurant to Cook For Soup Kitchen

No Regrets When You Dine At Bavette’s

no regrets when you eat at bavettes chicagoWe heard that Bavette’s was nice, but as they opened the door between the small unimposing hostess booth and the restaurant, we were awestruck. Sprawled out before us was a large, bustling, dimly lit space, filled with beautiful furniture and excited diners.

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Chicago’s Best Sandwich Lives Up To The Hype

Chicago’s Best Sandwich Lives Up To The HypeLast year, Time Out Chicago published a list of Chicago’s 50 best sandwiches. It took me around eight months, but my wife and I finally made our way over to the Old Oak Tap for their BLT, the top sandwich on the list. Read more…

A Journey To Paradise With Ron Zacapa at Havana Chicago

A Journey To Paradise With Ron Zacapa at Havana ChicagoThe other night I had the pleasure of taking a magical journey from Chicago to the cloudy peaks of Guatemalan mountains and finally, the Caribbean island of Cuba. Havana Chicago was kind enough to host a night of food and drink with Ron Zacapa, a smooth, delicious South American rum. Read more…

[REVIEW] Paladar Restaurant & Rum Bar

[REVIEW] Paladar Restaurant & Rum BarI’m not trying to pick a fight in my first Local Tourist post, but whoever awarded Cafecito “The Best Cuban Sandwich in Chicago” probably hasn’t had one. (I won’t name any names…Time Out Chicago)

So, when my family came to town a few weeks ago, we had to find a place that would satisfy my father’s Coral Gables upbringing as well as our collective obsession with authentic Cubano cuisine. A quick internet search uncovered the devastating reality that one of our favorite spots Café Bolero had closed. A little saddened and dismayed, we resolved to try a fairly new Logan Square joint called Paladar Restaurant & Rum Bar.

When we walked through the door, my father remarked at how the pictures adorning Buca di Beppo-like walls reminded him of a Cuban friend’s house growing up. That’s when my mouth started to water.

[REVIEW] Paladar Restaurant & Rum BarWe got our hands on some menus as our sweet waitress brought out warm crusty bread with whipped garlic butter. Empanadas with four unique sauces and a small, not really Cuban, salad were next. Both were good, but we soon found ourselves breathing in the heavenly aromas of picadillo, arroz con pollo, chivo and oxtail. In case you’re wondering, those would be a typical ground beef dish, chicken and rice, goat stew and beef tail on the bone in a tomato based sauce.

If you’ve never had goat or oxtail, I suggest you run – don’t walk – to Paladar. Both dishes feature tender, fall of the bone chunks of meat in rich, flavorful sauces. As the meal winds down you’ll find yourself attentively pushing rice around the plate to soak every last drop while quietly wishing you could bathe in the stuff.

P.S. – If you’ve been to Café Bolero and bells are going off in your head, they should be. Turns out Paladar is owned by a family member, has nearly the same menu and is moving to the exact spot that Café Bolero used to occupy!

[RECIPE] Bacon-wrapped Asparagus with Raspberry and Goat Cheese Sauce

Bacon-wrapped Asparagus with Raspberry and Goat Cheese SauceJazzy had a rough day, so I asked the other interns about their favorite bacon dishes – the direct path to my wife’s heart! As the conversation sizzled on, bacon-wrapped asparagus reigned supreme, but I had a reservation. It needed something, so I settled on a Chinese five-spice rub, raspberries and goat cheese. Here’s how it works.

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