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New Years Resolution: Ditch The Gym Membership

Urban & Nicki Meyer workingout - Copyright Hector Alejandro via CompfightThose who know me would be surprised to hear that my new years resolution is to “Ditch The Gym Membership“. I have never had a gym membership, but over the past few months, the idea started to creep into my mind. An athlete in high school and college, I shed my fair share of blood and sweat in the weight room, but in my old age :) I have discovered the benefits of working out differently.

We rationalize the purchase of gym memberships in a number of ways, but the data shows that the vast majority of people who sign up just don’t use them. That’s why I suggest that you start with simple, enjoyable activities. I am confident that this practice will be refreshingly sustainable, so before racing to sandwich yourself on a treadmill between the trophy wife and ripped gym buff, why not find something more enjoyable (and effective) to engage in?

Each of us has plenty of activities at our disposal and we need to take advantage of them. You will be shocked at how therapeutic it can be to avoid the commute and exercise away from the fluorescent lights of your local gym. For example, tonight I braved 48 flights of stairs in my Chicago high rise, bookended by pushups, sit-ups and a few simple exercises with my lone 30 pound dumbbell. Concrete walls, the tapping of my feet on steel stairs, heavy breaths, just the me and the task at hand.

There is something utterly therapeutic about the absence of clinking weights, humming cardio equipment and hordes of people equally unhappy to be there. In summer, I will be trading the stairs for Chicago’s sidewalks and adding pull-ups on a park junglegym to the mix, what are you going to do?

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