Death To The Cover Letter!

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Death To The Cover Letter!Don’t you hate cover letters? I typically write an individual, custom cover letter for each job that I am applying for, so they are pretty individualized, but they still strike me as a bunch of BS. I recently came across the cover letter anecdote when applying for a job at SocialKaty.

They had a 3 question survey that seems to be a huge part of their process. Sure I still had to submit a cover letter, but I like their approach. Shouldn’t every employer figure out specifically what is important to them and get to the point? I wish questions like these would replace cover letters altogether.

PS – They said “we love words, so write to impress”. I hope I didn’t get carried away on the first answer.

1. Share something you’ve taught yourself recently. Anything from brewing beer to CSS.

57 years ago my father was born in Coral Gables, Florida. A white boy in a heavily Cuban neighborhood, he grew up enjoying the delicious lechon, ropa vieja and medianoches that his friend’s mothers would serve up. He never lost his love for the cuisine of Cuba.

My father’s love of everything South Florida was instilled in me at a young age and lead to my attending Florida Atlantic University where I met a young woman named Jasmine Crawford. Then, seven months ago, filled with a fervent addiction to Spanish and island cuisine, Jasmine Kent and I embarked on a Puerto Rican honeymoon about 45 miles outside of San Juan. There, the small island’s delicacies blessed our bellies each and every day.

Upon returning, we brought a longing to again taste foods that had filled the windows of small, dimly lit kiosks or “kioscos”. And so, the culinary exploration began…

Since then, plantains (for only $1/pound!) have become a regular part of our diet as they are transformed into platanos maduros, tostones and even the invention of a Chicago based Puerto Rican, the jibarito. I have learned to prepare the amazing root vegetable, yucca, the pork belly delight known as chicharones and that pink saucy accompaniment known as “mayo ketchup” (mayo, ketchup, lime & garlic – I promise you’ll like it).

So there you have it. In just a few short months my father’s innocent love for Spanish food has invaded my life and my kitchen.

2. What do you want to be awesome at in life? Not limited to marketing skills…

Based in the answer above, you can probably already tell that I love to cook which is my non-marketing answer. As a result, at the risk of sounding boring, I am going to stick with a key interest right now which is better understanding and acting on the wants, needs and desires of a target market.

3. What is your favorite social media campaign? Something that inspired to take action, make a purchase, etc.

I’m not going to lie, when I found Old Spice’s Muscle Music, I clearly played with it for a while. I even felt a little more awesome when I used my little brother’s Old Spice on a recent trip to my parent’s house.

Aren’t these questions so much better than a cover letter? Not only does it force the applicant to create something original, but it also enables the employer to extract very specific information. Time will only tell if creativity will infect the hiring process.


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