MailChimp Just Made My Day

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MailChimp Just Made My Day


I am a huge fan of MailChimp, but they didn’t have the capabilities that I needed a few years ago, so I used AWeber instead. One of the big things that still hasn’t changed is no phone support, but today my entire opinion of the company and its support process has changed via live chat. Instead of explaining it to you, I decided to post the transcript below. Check it out!

PS – Abby really went above and beyond to make me happy. Read all the way to the end to see how.



Abby: Hi there, Matt!

Abby: How are you today?

Matt: Hi Abby. Doing well. How are you?

Abby: I’m awesome, thank you! Happy to help!

Matt: When people buy our product, part of what they are purchasing is a specialized set of educational emails that are automatically sent every couple of days. I was sent the information for how to add subscribers individually, but the problem is that whichever of our coaches is working with the person needs to sign their clients up at a specific time. I dont want to have each of them logging in each time. Any suggestions? In the past (with AWeber) we bypassed this by having an opt in form hosted on a private page of our website where our coaches could go and enter their people. We were able to disable double opt in for this form so that it was very similar to adding them manually on the backend.

Abby: So your coaches need to add people to the list manually without needing them to confirm? They can do that within the account- do they have access to that?

Matt: I would prefer not to give them all access to the account if possible because of security and training related issues.

Matt: The other option would be for them to submit a list daily that needs to go in, but then it becomes a daily bulk upload. Would that require double opt in? I cant have people calling me saying that they arent getting what they paid for only to spend 10 minutes finding the email that they forgot to opt in with. Does that make sense?

Abby: You could always work with Wufoo forms- they allow for you to subscribe people without double opt in!

Matt: what about coffeecup forms?
Abby: I think you can disable it with CoffeeCup too, actually! Worth looking into!

Matt: Sounds great. One more question…

Abby: Sure!

Matt: for RSS-to-email, it asks for a frequency and a number of posts to include in the message. I know it will only send if there is a new post since the last send, but what if I have it set to include 3 posts in each send and I have only posted once since the last send? Will it send the a) 1 new one and 2 old ones, b) just the new one or c) nothing at all until we hit 3 new ones?
Abby: What are you using to set the number of posts?

Matt: This text from made me think we had to pick a number: Flexible Formatting There are a plethora of options for formatting the RSS content you want to include in your campaign. Include the five most-recent posts (pictured) or multiple RSS feeds in the same email. You can even choose to include posts in specific blog categories.

Abby: That

Abby: is a feedblock

Abby: Which is typically for adding feeds to a regular campaign, or multiple feeds to one campaign

Abby: A regular RSS campaign is expected to only pull all new posts :)

Matt: Nice! So I can add a feedblock to followup messages that will include new posts in the message?

Abby: Sure, yep!

Matt: Awesome. Sounds like you guys will work out well for us. Final question. I get tons of compliments on a tshirt that mailchimp sent me a while back. Unfortunately, it is getting a little old and ratty. Is there any way to get another?

Abby: Heck yes!

Abby: What size?

Matt: Do you still have the grey ones with the black mailchimp down the side?

Matt: large

Abby: It’s the same classic grey t, yep!

Matt: You made my day.

Abby: Still at [address]?

Matt: Yup!

Abby: On its way to you!

Matt: Thanks! You’re amazing.

Abby: No problem, Matt! Happy weekend!

Matt: You too!

Abby: eep eep!

Abby: If you need additional assistance, please contact or start a new chat during support hours 8am-6pm ET, Mon-Fri.

Matt: Will do.

Abby: :)

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