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I’m Matt Kent, and my Twitter account says that I am a marketing professional, co-founder @pureproactive & @rejuvinstitute, chief executive husband @yellominijazz, aspiring urban farmer/food advocate & child of God. To be honest, that really sums it up well. I love my wife, am all about food as well as the way it is produced and am always trying to live my life as a child of God. Every article in this blog will have roots somewhere in these topics.

I hope you enjoy.

About mkent52.com

In marketing, we often aim to craft our story for a specific audience. We want to be concise and specific in our messaging as to attract the right people. We want these people to find and buy our product. That’s not going to happen here, but you will get a good look at who I am and what my interests are. If you love it – great, if you don’t – feel free to drop me a comment with your thoughts, if you never want to see mkent52.com again – that’s fine too.

More About Me

I have an utterly amazing wife and nourish a budding passion for entrepreneurship. I don’t consider myself “creative”, but I pursue creativity in all things. I’m interested in food from seed to table am excited about what is going on in urban agriculture. I want to create positive social change whenever possible and strive to follow Christ in my pursuit all things. To him be the glory. Speaking of that, if you need a church in Chicago, join us at Park Community Church for a Sunday service! Finally, one of my favorite activities is helping businesses solve problems. Got an issue in my wheelhouse? Let’s talk about it.

Career Information

I spent the last three years co-founding and growing a startup, full-time. In 2009 a partner (mommy) and I started The Rejuvenation Institute of Natural Health, supplying custom wellness programs to people on six continents – guess which one we didn’t service. About a year later, we aligned ourselves with some new partners and created PURE ProActive to take the product to the next level. I played a role in nearly everything from marketing to IT, human resources, business development and legal. Everyone on our team did everything they could to help the company succeed and it worked. Our revenue jumped from zero to over half a million dollars in the first 15 months. PURE ProActive is still a success today and I continue to consult with them part-time, but I am currently looking for something new. Want to know more? Check me out on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/mkent52


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