Tosh.0 + Clever Song + Bacon = Flop? – Baconalia 2013

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Tosh.0 + Clever Song + Bacon = Flop? - Baconailia 2013What happens when a big brand takes three insanely popular ingredients and creates a really well done video with the hopes that it will go viral? IT DOESN’T! Denny’s proved to us that viral is a sneaky, mysterious beast when they released their Bacon Makes It Better videos to promote 2013 Baconailia.

I find the combination of Tosh.0-like fail videos, a really creative song and bacon to be amazingly clever and entertaining. The videos are even really well done, but the numbers just aren’t there. Below is Bacon Makes It Better part 2. There were two main Bacon Makes It Better Videos and 10 other “fail” videos that feature sizzling bacon and the phrase “Bacon Makes It Better” at the end. As you can see, they didn’t do so well.

Release date: April 2

Total views (BMIB part 2): 26,994

All views (12 videos): 77,000

*Denny’s has over 600,000 Facebook fans.

On the other hand, this video got tons of views and…I HATE IT! What can you do. Assuming those views weren’t from paid support (they likely were), this whole situation teaches us two valuable lessons.

Star of the show?

Release date: March 11

Total views: 139,409

Lessons In Viral Video Creation

  1. Grouping many wildly popular trends doesn’t always work. (even when you do it well)
  2. Cast a broad net. (assumes all other factors – paid support, etc. – were equal)

Denny’s, sorry we had to learn these valuable lessons at your expense. It’s probably a good thing because I don’t have any money and will hopefully not make the same mistake. No matter what everyone else thinks, Bacon and your videos do make it better. – Matt

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