[VIDEO] Lose Your Job? Dont worry.

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Not too long ago, I went through a really hard time. A few months earlier I had found what I believed to be my “job of the future”. I would learn a lot and it would spring my career to the next level. In addition, it would help me to dig out of the hole that I had fallen into durring the job search. Bills pile up!

But the job wasn’t working out and I had only begun to get my finances back in order. On top of that, I was under tons of pressure from the folks at the office and putting in 12 hour days to try and make it work. It was brutal. The employer and I ended up parting ways (you can read about it here) and through it all, my wife kept asking why I was so ok with it.

Sure, during the last month I had moments of fear and worry. There were times when I would spend a minute or two paralyzed, thinking about it, but every day as I left work after everyone else and stepped out into the cold dark night, I turned my head toward the sky, smiled and thanked God for everything that was going on. There was something so liberating about taking an awful situation, one I should have been sick about, staring it in the face and saying “there’s more to life”.

Anyway, the lead pastor at our church giving this sermon just a few days later and I thought it fit perfectly with the theme. Key point: Worrying will not add one minute to your life. What worry or anxiety can you let go of?

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2 Responses to [VIDEO] Lose Your Job? Dont worry.

  1. Wonderful post & reminder of how little and how counter-productive worrying is for us who put our hope in Christ.

    Although I know better, I’ve been worrying about midterms in my MPA program for the past two weeks and what my future will look like for the past 2 years. Everyday I remind myself that God has brought me this far–so why doubt him now!

    Continue to thank God for the little things that become the big blessings in life.

    All the best,

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