Why HubSpot Does Inbound Marketing Better Than You

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Why HubSpot Does Inbound Marketing Better Than YouOver the past year, I have signed up for countless ebooks and webinars that made grand promises to teach me something of value. The vast majority of them yielded nothing but disappointingly shallow tips and “partial knowledge” that was firmly rooted in the company’s sales pitch.

The growing ebook and webinar ocean stinks of floundering resources that make big promises, but fail to deliver real value (unless you purchase their product of course). Marketers continue to blow the cobwebs off of this dated approach, but expectations are changing, at least for me they are. That’s why I am such a huge fan of HubSpot’s inbound marketing model.

When I set out to become a digital marketer, I had little grasp of what web 2.0 was, much less the strategies and tactics behind inbound marketing. Early on, however, I found HubSpot, and within their resources, a wealth of “complete knowledge”. HubSpot, an inbound marketing software company, teaches you exactly how to do inbound marketing, soup to nuts, without using their software! Do you understand how bold that is? Their sales model is teaching you what you need to do so that you never need them.

HubSpot does this because they realize the incredible value and trust that this builds in the eyes of their target audience. At the same time, they know that their product makes inbound marketing infinitely easier, even if you understand what’s going on under the hood.

So, while most companies are making empty promises of valuable information, HubSpot is winning die-hard fans and future customers by providing real, actionable knowledge to their followers. Let’s be clear, giving away the secrets that make your product work is a scary proposition. This strategy could even put the wrong product at risk, but HubSpot’s model is undoubtedly a path to the highest quality content, a strong inbound marketing engine and raving fans.

How do you incorporate this philosophy into your marketing?


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2 Responses to Why HubSpot Does Inbound Marketing Better Than You

  1. Thanks for the kind words. We’re passionate about sharing our knowledge on inbound marketing — for precisely the reason you’ve noted.


    Dharmesh Shah
    (Founder and late night blog commenter @HubSpot)

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